Sunday, March 21, 2010

Menu Plan Monday #12 - March 22-28

So I'm watching the Amazing Race and trying to think of what to do this week. I think it will be a Mexican themed week, I'm just feeling it and all the food I have in my house seems to lend that way. Let's see as I have no clue as I type.
My week was a bit crazy as I'm trying to figure out things for the house renos. We had the roofers here putting on a new roof...YAY and I'm trying to purge things from my house by selling them on line so that adds a bit of extra stress.
However a super highlight of my week was getting these in the mail
I won them from Ashley over at The Happy Little Home. It made my week!
So with all the chaos last week I think we did pretty well with the menu plan. I had good intentions to click pictures of the meals and I managed two.....
So here goes for this week...

Monday - Beef and rice Burritos topped with lettuce and veg- I have some beef mix frozen to use

Tuesday - Chicken fajitas with some brown rice on the side- I have every thing for this one

Wednesday - Black Bean quesadillas - this is a new one - Meat free with Cesar salad

Thursday - Chicken Taco Soup - so yum and so easy. I'm hoping to make bread to go with this

Friday - The mighty Migas....I made this before and my family really enjoyed it

Saturday - Left overs or Nachos - 'nuf said

Sunday - Of course Pancakes!!

Man, I'm hungry! Head over to the Organizing Junkie for many more ideas!


  1. Yummy, we love Mexican too :)

  2. Sounds yummy!! I linked up from org Come and follow me at

  3. That sounds so delicious!! Mexican food is so tasty!

  4. Sounds like Mexican week at your house, one of my favorites! I'm making nachos this week to, even the chips are going to be homemade.

  5. Oh...I was just remembering that we used to go to that Mexican restaurant in down town you remember? They had great food...and once we went to a Mexican place in Chilliwack when you were living at Cultus Lake...ahhhh....the memories. :)