Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I had no clue what to title this post...So my day, was LONG! I posted yesterday that our septic was in need of being pumped out. The good people were able to come the day we called, so my wonderful hubby spent 2 hours digging to the septic tank this morning. He gets home from his graveyard shift at 730am and he stayed up to dig this. The people were here by 1 and done by 130. YAY, I thought, I can do laundry now!

And my new dishwasher had this backup in the bottom so I thought it would clear up with my septic being pumped....NOT SO!
The backup is from something else and will be fixed tomorrow.
After my septic was pumped, I went downstairs and heard the sump pump from my downstairs toilet running and running and running....NOT GOOD. And my shower was backing up with sewer...NOT GOOD. This is my only toilet in the house right now....I called the plumbing company and told them my sad story and that I needed it fixed ASAP...they came in 20 minutes! It turns out something plastic was flushed down the toilet and stuck in the our septic was not the problem at all...the whole time it was our sump pump...but the septic needed to be done anyway at some point.
However, I was without a toilet for a few hours today..NOT FUN! But the amazing plumbing company had it fixed for me and I now have a toilet to use and I can do laundry and we can shower....we would not have been able to any of this if the pump was not fixed.

This was our dinner tonight...Fish, Sole to be exact. Have I told you how much I really really dislike fish? I really do. REALLY, it took all my effort to not heave while eating and to not make faces. I was telling myself that I'm old enough to not act like a 4 year old. But I had the shivers from it, I hate it that much. But I ate my portion...small portion...and tried my hardest to not let my kids see how much I DISlike it.
I'm currently eating popcorn because I'm still hungry and the kids are now sleeping.

The girly loved it...a lot

The little man wouldn't look at me until I said I had chocolate

See how much she likes it....she just leaned over and ate right off her plate
After the day I had, I needed something sweet...with a good coffee....enter frozen cookies and my Guatemalan coffee that is for special things only as it's right from my friend in Guatemala and I've never had such amazing coffee

The little man was excited to have some cookies
"it's my favorite mommy" So cute..but he says that about a lot of things

The little man then went and got his sister to let her know of the cookie goodness they were going to partake in

There was lots of laughing and giggling while the cookies were baking. This made my day so much better. Now I'm just going to finish some popcorn and head to bed soon.
Tomorrow my new counter tops come, the grout is getting done in my bathroom and who knows what else is in little man has already told me he's staying home and doesn't want to go to play bad buddy, we have to get our sink for the kitchen tomorrow!
Stay tuned for more kitchen and bathroom updates.


  1. Awwwwwwww your kids are adorable and almost the same height now?!?! Wow. too cute. once all those renos are done, you'll be relieved and proud of your place!

  2. Awww The pics of your kids waiting for the cookies was just to cute! Yuck on the sewer problems, glad you were able to get it taken care of quickly.

  3. I also really do not like fish but I discovered a way to do sole fish that makes it tolerable. I put some oil and butter in a pan and then lots of lemon pepper seasoning (I have the bottle from Costco. I basically fry the *&%$#@ out of it. This makes it less "slimy" and more dried out and even a little crispy. My family loves it and I feel good about getting some fish into them, which I know is good for us!

    I can't wait to see your place all finished! Hope you are having a good day!

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