Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Zucchini Pancakes

Zucchini Pancakes

If you know me at may know that I try different things for my family. I try very hard to get veggies in my kids. Most mornings my kids eat super green smoothies that have a ton of spinach in them. So in saying that, I read about some people adding veggies to their of course I couldn't not try that! I was considering putting spinach in the pancakes this morning, but I was worried about the water content in the spinach. So I grabbed the next thing I thought would work, Zucchini
I mixed up my batter, the 6 grain pancake mix from Costco...and shredded the zucchini

throw them in the batter and mix

Chat with your helper as your pan heats up about the merits of balloons and the things you can do with them. My regular helper was busy watching Dora

Then cook them up! The pancakes of course, not the balloons

While the pancakes cook up, check in on your helper

Flip....and look at how yummy these pancakes are going to be

Ask your helper to call Daddy and her brother....and smile as she just wants to play with her balloon at your feet and thank God for such a sweet girl

Sit down for some domestic bliss and a family breakfast where the kids are loving their zucchini pancakes

And to think this was all before 830 this morning!
So now..I'm trying to consider what is next for these pancakes...I'm thinking some sweet potato... Oh well...smoothies for tomorrow!


  1. Great idea....I love "hiding" veggies in the food I make too.:)

  2. great idea, Tara! I'll have to get me some more zucchini. I just used up the last one.

  3. Great way to sneak those veggies in! Your kids have such sweet smiles. :)

  4. zucchini. very unconventional. we usually "sneak" blueberries or apples in our flapjacks... (Do you find the Costco 6 grain mix a little thick and crumbly? They just don't turn out as great as the whole wheat coyote mix, in our professional pancake opinion).