Thursday, April 29, 2010

If you've followed me, you know it's been busy at my place. Today, we had no extra people at our house, it was very nice. We love Grandpa Gerkin and we'll miss him, he did an amazing job and it was so nice having someone working in my house that we all are so comfortable with.
Let me just show you my tile in the kitchen.

In this picture you can see the new paint, the new counters, the new tile, the new floor and my fancy new over the stove old one handed down to me from my sister was nearing at least 15 years old.....I'll be taking a picture of my new sink for you soon!

I love it!

here is a close up of the tile and counter...

Okay, so enough about that...
I've been trying to be better at making an effort to engage my kids more and turn the TV off more....
This afternoon while the girly was sleeping, the little man and I made some apple banana muffins and some no bake cookies

The little man is explaining how yummy in his tummy these are going to be

he was in charge of mashing the bananas and of course every good baker takes a taste test right?

These muffins turned out really really yummy...we did however totally FORGET the sugar and only remembered 1/2 the baking powder...but I wasn't the one reading the it's not my fault. But I like them better this way - with no sugar added

My other half and I planned to go away this weekend for two nights of alone time. However, he has a cold :( So we are staying home for him to rest up as he has eye surgery next Wednesday and he has to kick this cold or they reschedule

He booked the week off work so we really really want this to happen. He isn't getting the lasik, he's not a candidate for that. He is having a contact lens implanted. Dr. Blaylock is noted as the best eye surgeon on the west coast so he will be doing the surgery.
And here are my kidlets using the girlys bed as a trampoline....

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  1. That tile is great! And you know, we JUST replaced our broken-since-we've-lived-here microwave range hood. We may even have gotten the same one as you did! A huge change for us. So nice! I need to blog about it soon. (It was a little dramatic. ha!)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. :-)