Sunday, May 2, 2010

Menu Plan Monday #17 May 3 - 9

Welcome to the house of the sick! We have colds. My husband is just getting over his and my girly and I woke up with runny noses today and feeling pretty crummy. My little man so far has not been affected...but I expect it not to last.

Last week went well! For me anyway. I think I made 4 or meals at home so I'm happy about that. This week, as I'm sick I'll most likely be using freezer meals and I hope to make a chicken soup. My husband has the week off so that's very nice, but he has eye surgery on Wednesday so we'll see how he does after that.

here goes...

Monday - Chicken soup

Tuesday - Chicken Tettrezini from the freezer

Wednesday - Chili from the freezer

Thursday - left over chicken soup or scrambled eggs

Friday - French Toast and fruit

Saturday - left overs or cereal

Sunday - pancakes and fruit

seems fairly simple...fingers crossed. If all else fails we'll have toast, who knows. I think my main man will be able to help out with this if I'm feeling terrible, as I am now.
We've been using the Neti pot and herbs to try to kick this cold. I'll tell you about the neti pot as soon as I get a picture of my man using it!
Here are the kids having fun with a bucket!!

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  1. Hope you guys feel better! Yea for having freezer meals for weeks like this -- and for chicken noodle soup. Love it.

  2. Spring colds seem to be going around. Hope you all feel better soon!