Wednesday, May 5, 2010


We've been discussing this for 5 years and the time came today...after much deliberation and many doctor's appointments. My husband said good bye to his glasses after having to wear them for the last 30 years! Good thing to as the day we booked the appointment, 2 weeks ago this happened

Now you must understand these glasses are not cheap...if we didn't get the special lenses made by Nikon the camera company he would be wearing coke bottle glasses. And this pair, he was given by the company we get his glasses from because the last pair also broke and they know we've spent a lot of money with them.
So with his eye surgery booked and his glasses broken...he used a piece of copper wire and tape to make due until today.
Here we are on the way to the surgical centre...his last time driving with his glasses
He was pretty nervous of course but also excited. He didn't get the lasik, he's not a candidate for that. He had special contacts implanted into his eyes. It's amazing what they can do!

Phil is pretty sure the dude behind him is a descendant of Richard Nixon...I do agree
We went to the Blaylock surgical Centre in my town and Dr. Blaylock is the best eye surgeon in western Canada. He has been a leading man in the field and he's pretty hilarious. A friend of mine has a crazy story about booking and going with a company that is not near as highly recommend as Blaylock and cost's half the price...but if you heard her story you would never go with anyone BUT Blaylock...any way, enough about that. I asked Dr. B if I could watch...because I'm just gross like that. I argued that my husband watched me birth our two our kids - I'm due for this. Sadly, that did not convince him. I did make sure my husband gave the good Dr. B a sucker before his surgery.
So now, my husband is a rock star and feels the need to wear his sunglasses in the house
I'm his only groupie....don't even try it
Here he is with out the sunglasses

You can tell his eyes are still sore, and if you really look close you can see they drew an arrow over each eye...not sure what that's about, is it like a person marking which arm or leg is getting operated on? It's hard to see, but it's funny and makes me giggle.
He's tired and his eyes are a bit sore, he keeps going to adjust his glasses. He looks fantastic, I didn't think my man could look hotter, I guess I was wrong.
He will have some follow up and in three months he'll possibly have a little bit of lasik done to adjust anything that needs to be adjusted at that point.
That was our day today. My folks came to watch the kidlets and we are so very grateful for that. Here they are playing while I was making a salad for dinner

My little man never wants his picture taken anymore and I have to trick him to get him to look at the camera. Today he told me he wanted to smile for a picture...this is what I funny!
And a funny story about my little man...I told him Daddy was going to see the surgeon and the little man couldn't figure out why Daddy had to go and see a fish! He was sure I was talking about STURGEON...he's seen the sturgeon at the fish was so funny.

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