Friday, May 7, 2010

Mothers Day 2010

Mothers Day 2009...let's see, my husband asked what I wanted - I said, oh, nothing - which we women all know means, I don't want to have to tell you, you can figure it out.
Turns out my husband does not speak 'wifese'. He does not understand my subtle hints; the magazine left opened to a certain page, the general hints of unpainted toe nails and sore shoulders. No, my husband is immune to that. It's like I'm speaking a different language - wifese.
So lets just say that MD2009, was not an enjoyable day, in fact, 'someone' didn't even remember the importance of the day.
I've solved this. I now speak husband, also known as direct. I told him exactly what I wanted and where to get it. I even considered putting it on hold and he only had to pick it up. But I restrained. I wanted to show some faith in this new language called direct.
Turns out sometimes direct isn't always the correct language either. He might have thought I meant wifese with a bit of direct slang thrown in. I've not figured it out. But I have all my MD2010 gifts.

I directly told my husband I wanted new charms of our kidlets birthstones for my charm bracelet. The whole point of this bracelet - other than the pretty shininess of it - is to make it an easy gift buying option for my husband...all he has to do is take the kids and pick out a charm. Here I should insert the easy button to make my point.

I know, it's so pretty. I promise next time I see you I'll let you touch it, and even try it on.

But here enters the confusion of my husbands direct/wifese dialect.

He ALSO got me two treatments at the spa that he booked and sent me to is my pretty pretty pedicure (sorry for the blurry picture). I love a good pedicure, my husband knows how much I love them. I also enjoyed a full body hour massage. I refrained from pictures of that one. This should be a somewhat family friendly site.

Also, my husband is a sucker....I love him, but he gets talked into things easy. I don't normally let him answer the phone if it's a telemarketer or someone else selling something. He'll either find out the telemarketers family history or we can expect a package in the mail to try out. I love him, I do.
He was pulled over by someone in the mall. You know all the kiosks in the mall. I am now the proud owner of a hand spa kit. It's a really nice kit and it will be fun to use. However, he purchased this after he had already purchased the rest of the things for me.
But really, look at his hotness. How can I be mad when he loves me so?? Next year when I tell him no gifts, I will be speaking the direct dialect. I hope he studies up on his languages!

I've been a bit MIA this week as my little girly and I have had wicked bad colds. You can see the bats peaking out of her cave here. Poor little chicky, her nose is pretty raw and sore. I'm left with the coughing end of it and she still has double streamers and bats. Fingers crossed she clears up soon!

And this is just a bonus picture of my cat for those animal lovers out there. My cats are enjoying going outside and letting the dog know it's place.


  1. My goodness, you made out like a bandit for Mothers Day! Hope you and your daughter feel better soon.

  2. Jackpot. If your husband is anything like mine, he just doesn't want to get it wrong!