Thursday, May 20, 2010

Black Bean Quesadillas

Girly is still sick - but no more barfing - bonus. However, she's really not eating right now either. I was able to cuddle her most of the day, it was so nice, I love cuddles. But it was a bit tiring holding her while I was making extra 30 pounds attached to my hip and my arm was so sore - I did manage to cook dinner one handed - this is the two of us making dinner

I have a recipe for Black Bean Quesadillas, but I couldn't find it

this is how I made it for dinner

I cut up 1/2 of each of the peppers, some of the onion and a few handfuls of spinach and added some cumin and grape seed oil

I cooked it up for a few minutes to make sure it was warmed thru

Then I rinsed off the beans

mashed them up a bit because I think I remember reading that in the original recipe

I thought they would stay better in the quesadillas that way

I added the beans to the veggies to heat them up

I heated up the tortillas and then flipped them, put cheese on them

then the bean and veggie mix and added a bit more cheese

A dinosaur fight started in the kitchen while the girly and I were cooking

I think the TRex won against the spike tail

I'm still a bit unsure

once the excitement of the dino fight died down I went back to my cooking

fold the quesadillas in half when the cheese is melted

I put the cooked ones in a low tempurature oven while I started the new ones

When they were all done I cut them half and called the family for dinner

It turned out very yummy!

I've not made a vegetarian meal other than grilled cheese for some time. And with having to watch our pennies now - beans are a good choice and good for you.

This meal was hit with the three of us that are currently eating. I'll be making these again!


  1. Sounds good! I love eating meals without meat, but my hubby is a die hard meat eater. If there isn't some type of meat in the meal somewhere, he wont touch it. I'll try these for lunch or something one day.

  2. Sorry I just had to laugh at you cooking one-handed. With five kids I have done that MANY times. These quesadillas look like they're right up my alley. My kids think anything with cheese and tortillas is the coolest dinner ever. :)

  3. Poor baby. Look at her. I hope she starts feeling better soon! These look sooo good! Thanks for posting this. Thank you too for stopping over at my place. Have a great weekend!!