Monday, May 17, 2010

Tempt my Tummy Tuesday - Coconut Curry Chicken

It's been a bit since I've had time to put together a TMTT.

Tonight I want to remind everyone that we don't always need to start from scratch but sometimes there are a few items out there that we can use to help us out!

Tonight we had Coconut Curry Chicken. The husband and I really enjoyed it - not so much for the kidlets. But the little man ate it with a bribe - for each bite he had of the chicken he got a piece of pineapple. Sadly he was allergic to something we had tonight, he suffered from an itchy mouth. Not sure what it was.

I cooked up the chicken with some grape seed oil
However, I couldn't figure out why it smelled so woody...hmm, I left my spatula in the pan and well, see that nice black mark..ya, that was the smell - OPPS - gas stoves

Then I cut up some onion and celery and fell in love with this ultra cool knife from my folks

cooked it all up and added the sauce. Let me say, if I knew how to make a good curry, I would be all over that!
I let it bubble away for a bit - MMMMM
I served it up with some NAAN and Salad
Remember to use help when you need to!
Then you can do some more of this - time with the family - because really what's more important? A meal you made from scratch or the laughter of your kids?

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