Monday, May 17, 2010

Menu Plan Monday - May 17

I'm not too's still MONDAY!!

We had a busy weekend again and menu planning was not on my mind at all. We got home later on Sunday and the entire family was completely exhausted. And come on, the survivor finale was on.

I'm trying to think of last week...what did we eat.

I picked up some fish from Neufelds...I didn't mind this one - it is cod with a nice coating. I could handle it, however, it's not the best for you and my husband prefers fish plain. But the kids ate it and so did I so I think it was hit!

And of course we had grilled cheese

We ended up having company for dinner on Saturday night so I grabbed some frozen hamburgers I made previous and BBQ'd them up

and Sunday we had big family a BBQ at my Uncle's farm

OKAY, on to this week
Monday - tonight we had Coconut Curry Chicken with Naan, salad and pineapple

Tuesday - Taco Soup with cut veggies
Wednesday - Pizza from the freezer (AKA Pizza from Costco)
Thursday - Black Bean quesadillas with salad
Friday - Lentil Soup with buns and cut veg
Saturday - Leftovers or something else
Should be a good week. Two of these I've moved forward for awhile and so I hope to actually get to them this week.
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