Thursday, June 10, 2010

Farmer Sausage and Perogies

This is something I grew up with
But it was bacon and perogies
Farmer Sausage is a bit cheaper to use
it's good - but not really healthy - but yummy
my husband has been asking for this meal

this is an easy meal
chop up 2 medium onions
we like onions
we all eat them
we all smell
it's good

chop up farmer sausage
what ever size pieces you like
however much you want for your family
add to onions
add a small amount of olive oil

cook until yummy
your perogies can be cooked many ways
I just did them with a little non stick spray

serve them up with
sour cream
and salad

Today was rough
if I could quit I would have
my oldest was not a happy boy
my house is in shambles
rather than go on about it
I will tell you what I'm thankful for instead

I'm thankful for
The ladies at Thursday Play Group
it's nice to hang out with other moms
who can sympathize
where we can ask advice
Thanks Ladies
you were my highlight today!

I'm thankful for
that my girly sleeps thru the night
and that her cast doesn't even seem to bug her
her smiles

I'm thankful for
my son on a good day is pretty funny
he always asks to help
he's pretty cute

I'm thankful for
my husband who supports me
sends me out to regroup when he can
who is working extra hours since I'm not working anymore

There are 4 things and already I feel better

So it would seem I have rock stars in the house
both kidlets insisted on their shades for breakfast

Today I'm choosing to be thankful
Are You?!?


  1. I love your posts, Tara. Especially when you talk about your whole family smelling like onions and garlic. :) I missed you all today, have a good weekend!

  2. Hey Tara...I thought I'd check out your blog because it comes highly recommended from Kerry :) I love it!!! I just started doing menu planning with my boys and you have definitely inspired me. I hope you are doing well.

  3. Good for you Tara sometimes being a parent and a wife is not fun good for looking at the bright side keep your chin up today will be a better day!

  4. Great post!! I LOVE perogies AND farmer sausage. Do you have a recipe for perogies? I can't get farmer sausage here but could use bacon. :) This post seriously made me drool!!! And, look at Raina and Dax with their sunglasses....they are so cute!!

  5. Oh and...good for you for thinking positive and being thankful. It's something I work on every day and it's not easy. :)