Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Split Pea Soup with Ham

Brussel Sprouts
Split Pea Soup
it's my belief that my parents used these
as a silent torture
for my sisters and I
Perhaps it was for
all the times we woke them up too early
or the messes we made
the fights we girls had over petty things
or maybe they were thinking in advance
for our teenage years
and the sleepless nights to come
the three of us all hated these foods items without question

Today I made split pea soup
I told my oldest sister
she questioned my sanity
she still believes it is torture

I still have a strong dislike for it
how did it make it on my menu plan
must have been a weak moment
I must really love my husband

I didn't have a recipe
I read a few and got some ideas
here is what I came up with

Bag of split peas
1 medium onion
3 cloves of garlic
3 carrots
4 stalks of celery
1 chicken stock cube
2 bay leaves
dried thyme
salt & pepper
left over ham
changed my mind didn't add potatoes

9 cups of water in pot
add split peas
add chicken stock cube
add bay leaves
turn on high to boil

dice up the onion
saute in butter
until tender
add to boiling water

cut up ham
add to boiling water

turn down to simmer
for a few hours
shave the cat
set the table
sit down for domestic bliss
if you like split pea soup
that is

my family really did enjoy this
I could eat it
no torture involved

I made to much
and shared it
with my aunt and uncle
down the road
where my little man tells me he works
look closely
in the dirt
he's there

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  1. that soup looks really good Tara!! :)

  2. looks so good, i wish i had a little bit right here to eat! I am your new follower. You have a beautiful blog and You can visit me when you can at http://showmemama.blogspot.com

  3. It looks really good. My tummy actually growled when I was reading this post. With some squishy french bread on the side...yum!!
    I'll have to try it out come fall time.

  4. we still love ya and you guys all liked th liver paste on toast, try making it sometime

  5. I love split pea soup! I'm strange though. My parents have so many foods they dislike that they never fed to us kids, that I actually love most of the "icky" foods. I love brussel sprouts, lima beans, and zucchini.

    The one food they tortured me with was wax beans. I can't stand those things.

  6. I didn't grow up eating split pea soup so I LOVE it!! Although I've never attempted making it. I may have to now...yours looks yummy!!