Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Tonight was Chicken Fajitas - always a hit at my house. Both kidlets love them and they always go over well.

I have to say - today - was an amazing day for us.
It's been three weeks since I left work. I have felt a burden lift and a new happiness come. I have more patience, more understanding and more energy to play with my kidlets and work around my house. And I can clearly see this has changed my kidlets also.
Here is my little man chatting with me while I was working on dinner.

I was in awe today at the Goodness of God.

The decision to leave my job and not know how our finances would work was a faith based call. My husband and I both felt God was directing us in this. And in this short time I can see the benefit, I can have some understanding of God's goodness.

Already my sister commented to me that she can tell a difference in how I talk and act. She said that she can tell I'm so much happier. And I am, I truly am.

As any mom will tell you, working or not, raising kids is no cake walk. It's a very high calling and very very difficult job. But there is nothing more rewarding (most days anyway).

I say this coming off a day with very little sibling fighting and very little disciple dispensed today. Tomorrow could be different, tomorrow I could say I've made a mistake, I can't do it.

But TODAY - today I will blog about the goodness, tell you about the abundance of love I have for my family. I need to remember this day, need to be able to recall it so that on those days that it seems I can't make it; I can recall this and know that God is Good, even if my kids aren't!

After sitting down and going thru our finances, it's not so scary. Not what I thought. I feel hope that it will be okay, but it's not hope I need - it's faith - faith that God will see us thru. He has this all worked out, he knows what's going on, what we need.

I can tell this will be a time of healing for me. I've shared about my struggle with post partum depression, but I trust that God is healing me in his time. He is teaching me and I need to learn this lesson. It's hard, but I know I will come out the other side of this dark valley with a new understanding, new hope, new faith and compassion for others dealing with depression.

I know this is a random post - I've expressed some random feelings and thoughts.

But if you get anything from this post - GET THIS - GOD IS GOOD.

Here are some pictures of our day

After dinner the kids spent time 'reading'
Both of them love books and will ask me often to read to them or just look at the books with them in my little girly's case

We have had crazy weather and during a break today I took my little man outside to stomp in puddles. I didn't have my camera, but here he is after playing in the rain. If you look closely you can see his pants are soaked

Girly is makin her way around and chatting away on the phone all day long
a sign of things to come
Take time to remember your good days. Record them with pictures and writing. Keep them handy to reflect on in the bad days when you need some light in the darkness.


  1. Love the picture of dinner! I looks delish and sounds yummy too!

    How awesome that you are home now. Sounds like you have an awesome outlook and this is so right for your and your family. I am sure your kids are loving it!

    Thanks for always stopping by my blog!

  2. What a great post. :) Your sister is right, your blogs do sound a lot more relaxed. Glad things are working out so well. But then, with God leading the way, we knew it would.