Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Broccoli and Cheddar Soup

My menu plan has changed
my sister gave me a bunch
of broccoli and squash

I decided to make
broccoli and cheddar soup
just wait to see what I do
with the squash

I started with a large amount of broccoli
and cut it all up
to make it small

I added a bunch of organic carrots
because I had them
they are sooo good
from my garden box program
I added 2 boxes of chicken stock (900 ml each)
enough to barely cover the broccoli and carrots
boiled it for about 10 minutes

while my veggies boiled
I made roux with onions and garlic
in a pan put butter and onions and garlic

cook until bubbling
add some flour

cook for a bit
this helps to take away
the flour taste

add milk
to make this a cream soup
cook for a bit longer
so it thickens up
try not to let your whisk fall in

add to the soup mix
add salt and pepper
I simmered for an hour or so
I added a whole bunch of cheese

I made up some corn bread
to serve with this yum yum yummy soup

we have been busy
enjoying the sun
hanging out
girly has her cast off
little man is growing fast
here are some pictures
for your enjoyment of course
not for me to brag
or anything like that

1 comment:

  1. Your soup looks so delicious. I wish I could have some right now. :) Your kids are looking adorable as always. Glad you've enjoyed your camping experience. :)