Thursday, August 26, 2010


Sometimes I wonder if life will slow down
then I think I just make it busy
who really knows
my menu plan as been okay
I made a fantastic potato soup
no pictures
I couldn't find my camera

Tonight I was too tired to think
so we had spaghetti
always a hit

this week we lost a pet
and gained a pet
our dog needed to leave
he was biting
we are on the hunt for a new dog

our new pet
a nother cat
she was homeless
and followed me home
my husband says he saw
me go in the ditch to get her
I didn't
but I didn't discourage her
from coming home with me

my little man named her Diego
I don't have the heart to explain
it's a boy name and a girl cat
Diego loves us
she brings us many many presents
a few mice a day
normally uneaten
sometimes alive
sometimes dead
until today

isn't that wonderful to come home to
it's so nice she loves us
she is actually an amazing cat
and yes
I am now the crazy cat lady
I'm coming to terms with this

I needed a nap
I sent my wonderful amazing husband out
with the kidlets
to costco
right before the last weekend of summer vacay
not the nicest for him
heaven for me
girly helped to bring in the groceries

we will see what tomorrow brings
I need to review my menu plan
I can't remember what I planned!


  1. ha-ha. . .we did spaghetti tonight too! whatcha havin' tomorrow? maybe we'll have the same thing three days in a row!!!

  2. I have spaghetti on my menu for next week! :) Don't feel bad, I have to check my menu daily to remind myself what's for dinner. lol

  3. I applaud you for accepting another cat...I don't know how you do it!! My kids are begging for a puppy but I'm not up for it yet...someday maybe. :) Your spaghetti looks wonderful!

  4. Haha Your daughter looks like a great helper! And wow most of that mouse is finished off...Albeit all the other times it left it for you it was expecting you to eat it. And after being fed up with you not, she probably felt it was time to show you how it's done! lol

    Bon Appetite.