Friday, August 27, 2010

Mashed Potatoes with Swiss Chard

Swiss Chard
what do you do with it
I remembered a dish we make with Kale
and sorta used that as a reference

Swiss Chard is pretty
and healthy
if a food has great natural color
it must be really good for you

I cut the tough stalk out

chop it all up
nice and small

add it to some wonderful
and garlic

boil away
until the potatoes are done
when a fork goes thru them with ease

now here is my secret
I often get a ton of complements on my mashed potatoes
and I'm going to share my secret
it is not any kind of healthy
at all.....not healthy
add a crap load of grated Parmesan cheese
a healthy amount of sour cream
a good portion of butter

mash it all up
mash mash mash

I served this with
some chicken in a mushroom gravy
with shallots and garlic
and some roasted broccoli and pattypan squash

the kids and I had a great day
I accomplished a bunch of little jobs
one, was to trim our dogwood tree
so we could actually walk on our sidewalk again

of course the kidlets
loved to play in the cut branches

and play on their Daddy

and learn to share

here is my crazy family
we sorta all made it in the photo

and of course
the love of my life

have an amazing weekend

oh...and the dinner



  1. I seriously LOVE the pic of you and your hubby!! And I love mashed potatoes...never thought to add sour cream to them...what a GREAT idea!!

  2. That last picture is stunning! I hope you plan to blow it up and frame it! So naturally pretty!