Saturday, August 28, 2010

Zuchinni/Carrot Pancakes and Gelderman Sausage

It took all my will power
I resisted
it was difficult
I did not phone for pizza
as bad as I was craving for it
as much as I didn't want to cook

We went to the farmers market
I always like to look around
see what there is to see
Gelderman farms had a booth
they have amazing naturally raised pork
we bought some of their new garlic sausage
it smelled so good
so good that while it was defrosting
the cat got into it

being the frugal person I am
we still had it with dinner
I just cut off the ends where the cat chewed
sorry if that grosses you out
that's how we roll here

this was so so good
I can see why that cat wanted it
really amazing
and it's local
and natural
I know it really is
I've been to the farm
I've had numerous products from them
all amazing and good
you can get it at the local farmers market
and a few other places, like Neufelds

Check out these amazing carrots
from Friesen farms
organic and so good
and yes carrots come in colors other than orange

I've made zucchini pancakes before
this time I added the purple carrots
my family couldn't get enough of them
and yes, I know I'm weird with food
my kids don't know any different
I know I feed them strange things

the kidlets and I had time to hit the park
the girly decided to try
and jump off the slide
it was pretty cute

and the little man
he's turning into the climber
he loves the park
as most all kids do

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  1. I have never tried that Farmer Sausage but now I have too :)
    Your park pictures are so cute! I miss taking my babies to play!