Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cheater Stuffed Baked Potatoes

I often think
about my blog
what is the purpose
what do I want to accomplish
one thing is
I want to encourage people
to think outside 'the box'
of how they normally cook
I often cook from my head
not following recipes directly
some people might find that difficult
some people might enjoy it

So today
Cheater Stuffed Baked Potatoes
easy easy
and open to your interpretation
today I used some beautiful
beet greens
a new one for me to use

these are a beautiful color
I chopped them all up
along with some beautiful purple cabbage
some fantastic onions
some great garlic
cubed up zucchini
and three other small squash
along with some shredded
black forest deli ham
check out the beautiful colors

everything in a big 'skillet'
with some grapeseed oil
and cook it up
I didn't add any spice
this smelled amazing while cooking
all of this with the exception
of the garlic and ham
is organic from my garden box program

While this cooked
I grabbed some more veggies
from my garden box program
and some organic items from
the farmers market last Saturday
again, check out the beautiful colors

also, grab some potatoes
enough for the amount of people you are feeding
poke home in them with your fork
seriously, make sure you do this
bad things will happen if you don't
throw them in the microwave
and cover them with a paper towel
you will be glad you did
just like you will be glad you poked them full of holes
cook them for 5 minutes
check them for doneness
and cook them for another 5ish minutes
until done
sorry, I forgot to take a picture of them
but I did get a picture of the girly
lovin on Chance

when everything is cooked
and smelling amazing
cut up the potatoes
load the veggie and ham mixture on it
some shredded cheese
and sour cream
or anything else you love
on your baked potatoes

these were amazing
so so good
the most important thing I think
you need when cooking
so what if a dish doesn't turn out
celebrate the ones that do
add as many veggies as you can
eat local

my family played while I cooked
they are so amazing
and fun to watch


  1. I love your blog. I have the same dishwasher. I'm gonna go get me some purple carrots on Saturday!

  2. haha your dog looks very relaxed, looks like a good addition to your family.