Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pan Fried Parmesan Crusted Sole with Fried Green Tomatoes

I just don't like
it makes me heave
I keep trying it
it's healthy
my husband
grew up on fish
he really likes it
he asks me to make it
every so often
so I do
I love him
just not fish

I decided to try
crusting the fish
in a dish
lots of flour
lots of fine shredded Parmesan cheese
some dried basil
salt and pepper
and I added some garlic
well, lots of garlic
we like garlic

I had my rice cooking
brown basmati rice
with cumin
this is my helper today
I'm sure he was just
hoping I would drop food

everyone else was busy playing
and my little man
asked me to not interrupt him

the girly she was taking
driving lessons
it seems there were
a few casualties

I liberally coated the fish
all 5 pieces
even the smell
was gross
but I persisted

I heated some grapeseed oil
I can't tell you how much
as I used what I had left
it's on my shopping list
when the pan was hot I added the fish
I cooked it until it was brown and crispy
and then I figured it was done
how would I know?
I strongly dislike it

I have some super amazing
heirloom tomatoes
green ones
I coated them also
fried them up

so with the cumin rice
I chopped up some beet greens
stirred them in
I also made some
garlic parm toast
added with the
green tomatoes
and the fish
my kids and husband
all loved this
LOVED this
I didn't mind it
I didn't heave
so that was a bonus
I'll do this one again

because I love my husband


  1. I loved this entry, Tara, because it could have been me writing it - but you wrote it much better! I also do not like fish but I know it is good for me, Kevin loves it and I want to introduce my kids to it. This recipe looks like one I could actually do and might like. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Mike made me promise never to cook fish when we were first married. Now that 12 years have gone by, I cook fish at least once a week! What changed? Well, he went to a seminar on behaviour and kids where the studies showed that people need the omegas in the fish to help their brains work. So, we make the kids eat the fish and tell them they are getting smarter and smarter with every bite! Since there is this HUGE sockeye run this year, you've got to try some. Make sure it's fresh and then it won't be "fishy". Maple syrup/ ginger/ garlic glaze... on the BBQ. Melt in your mouth delicious. I promise.