Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Spaghetti Squash with Roasted Vegetables

My sister gave me a spaghetti squash
she said it was weird looking
so she was sure we would it eat
nice that my sister thinks of me like that

I had it on my menu plan for tonight
not sure what to do with it
I invited some wonderful friends for dinner
they happen to be vegetarians
I enjoy having them because
I feel challenged to cook something
new and interesting

I made an amazing dinner
it was so fantastic
if spaghetti squash has scared you
let this reform you

poke holes in your spaghetti squash
all over with a fork
put it in your microwave for 5 minutes
turn it and cook another 5 minutes
take it out and let it rest
until you are ready to use it
it will stay warm for a long time
if you don't own a microwave
RACHEL S, yes I'm looking at you
cut it in half
put it in a pan cut side down
put some water in the pan
and cook it in the oven
at 350 for 30 - 45 minutes
here is what they look like after the microwave

then I ran to Neufelds
I needed a few more vegetables
I cut up some beets
a small turnip
a medium zucchini
a large onion
a very small butternut squash
don't forget to peel this squash
2 smaller squash
8 cloves of garlic finely chopped
small basket of cherry tomatoes
I tossed all this with some
fresh ground black pepper
and some grape seed oil
I roasted all of this
in the over at 400
for about 40 minutes
or until the toughest vegetables
were fork tender
I wasn't so good at taking pictures today
when the roasted vegetables were done
I cut open my spaghetti squash
scooped the seeds out
and used a fork to scrape
the flesh out
it will come out like spaghetti noodles
hence the name
I added some butter to the spaghetti squash
about a cup of shredded mozzarella cheese
1/4 cup of parm cheese
then added the roasted vegetables

this was AMAZING
it was so so good
we all loved it
I will be making it again
the beets make everything a bit red
but wow, you really need to try this

today was a bit overcast
my little man has been asking
since last year
to go to the apple barn
and in the last week
he's been asking for a pumpkin
we went today
here are a few pictures of my cuties

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  1. I LOVE Raina's hair!!!! Great pictures! And, what a cool new background. Love the meal idea too. :)