Monday, September 6, 2010

Yummy Tuna Melts

What can be better
on a cold and rainy day
a day where I was tempted
to turn on the heat

I cut up some celery
beet greens - my new favorite
cheese - I find I use less cheese
by cutting it up
rather then laying it on top
and some fresh basil
I used some salt and pepper
some cumin
some mayo
and of course the tuna

I mixed it all together
halved some whole wheat buns
put a bit of butter on them
loaded up the tuna on them
admired some beautiful
organic heirloom tomatoes

topped the tuna buns
with the fantastic tomatoes

look at how amazing these look
you could eat them like this
or even better
bake these for about
20 minutes at 350

baking these really
brings out the amazing
flavours in the tomatoes
they all tasted so so good

I served this up
with tomato soup
and some great cut veggies
my kids enjoyed these
a lot

1 comment:

  1. look at those buns! they look hot, oh um I mean tasty! hehe Love your daughter's hair in the photo.