Friday, September 10, 2010

Potato Pizza

Yes, you read the title correct
I made Potato Pizza
a new one for me
but I need to use up these potatoes

I made two pizzas
the first with pepperoni
and these veggies
very very good

the next pizza
I thinly sliced a potato
leave the skins on
trust me
boiled it with
a few dashes of hot sauce
these didn't take long
when done
I put them in cold water
until I needed them

I then put the pizza sauce
and some sour cream on the crust

I spread it all around
mixing it together
added chopped garlic
and some Parmesan cheese

put on the potato slices
that had previously been boiled
layered tons of onions
and chopped up some left over
zucchini and squash

I added some more Parmesan cheese
some mozzarella cheese
beautiful tomatoes
and real bacon bits

in the oven at 350
until it's done
how you like it
this was actually very
we did enjoy it
give it a try for something different
you just never know what you might enjoy

and of course
a post is never complete
with out my kidlets
here they are playing
on the slide

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