Sunday, September 19, 2010


the cats are finally
getting along
this is always a nice thing
when you introduce a new cat
we found a home for our diego kitty
who is now named LULU Belle
and due with kittens any day

I've been MIA
my power cord
Yeesh these cords

we celebrated my nieces
19th Birthday
oh, man, this makes me old
we went for dinner
my kids love her
and my girly loves
my nieces boyfriend

the little man
he loves cake
and his cousin
but cake too

the kidlets and I
were busy on Saturday
there were so many things
going on in town
we picked two
FREE things to check out
a local small town fair
where I forgot to take pictures
and we didn't stay long
rain was on the way
the second event
was the Multi Cultural Fair
I loved seeing all the different cultures
I really enjoyed seeing so many people
dressed in their cultural garb
as they all checked out the different sites
some great friends of mine
had a Guatemala booth
they have a close attachment to Guatemala
their daughter moved there over 11 years ago
and they started Love Guatemala
once they saw the needs of the people
they also have started to reach out
the people of Mexico

we had a very nice weekend
I`m going over meal options
for my menu plan this week
so check back very soon
to see the wonderful menu
at least I hope it will be wonderful

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  1. Wow, those "Love Guatemala" people look familiar. :)