Thursday, September 16, 2010


Today was a pretty Random day
the usual morning fighting
between kidlets
and then getting ready
for Thursday play group
I made Quinoa for breakfast
HEHE, yes I did!
am I a bit crazy
more than likely
I cooked it up half way
then added some apple
raisins and cinnamon
served it with
brown sugar and some milk
HIT! loved by all

I was not into cooking today
I couldn't remember my menu plan
I didn't care to look at it
I went to Neufelds
picked up some veggies
and dinner
not the most healthy
but I still couldn't resist
adding veggies to the sauce
I chopped up some
red pepper
yellow squash
and spinach
meet our unhealthy
but ever so yummy dinner
Linguine with Alfredo sauce
and Chicken Tenders

I noticed when getting dinner ready
that we had some guests
already waiting to eat

I've been asked
if cooking squash
is really as easy
as I make it seem
just cut it up and cook it
well, yes and no
it depends on the squash you use
the ones I cut up
and use most often
I would describe
as a soft skinned squash
here is a picture of
a few of the ones I use

if you think in the terms
that Zucchini is made into
cake, cookies, muffins
then why would you not
be able to do the same
with the other soft squash?
I generally will shred
or just cut these squash up
and throw them into most anything
they don't have to much taste
and I find they tend to absorb
whatever they are cooked with

Spaghetti, Acorn, Butternut or Banana Squash
are much tougher
and generally are cooked
for a longer period
and most often in the oven

have you cooked any squash this season?
You should, it's a super easy way
to get some veggies in for the day

Here is my little man
do you remember his friend
from yesterday
the leather jacket he named 'Bird'
today he had to post a note
on the outside of the door
in case Bird came over for a visit
ignore my dirty door
and giggle at the imagination

and did you know
we have dinosaurs
living in our backyard
I didn't know either
but the little man
has been offering them
beverages all day
he tells me they like apple juice
good to know in case
you ever have a 'long neck' visiting

I have no idea what
the girly was doing
at dinner time
but she's so cute
no matter what

and my sidekick
has been doing fantastic
I took him off leash today
and he was a star
the cats have even stopped hissing at him
however he will still go the long way around
to avoid them

there you have it folks
my random recount for ya
say hi and let me know you stopped by

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