Friday, October 15, 2010

Butter Chicken - premade Mix

It seems like it's been a while
since I've posted a recipe
I hardly feel like I've cooked
but I have
easy things

Neufelds started stocking curry mixes
by Spice Works, BC made - local
I picked one up
I'm always looking for
an authentic tasting butter chicken
this one looked easy
so that was up my ally

I started with marinating the chicken
in the spice sauce with grapeseed oil
the instructions indicated to add more spice
for more heat
so I added under half the mix
I have kidlets to consider
kidlets who generally do not
like curry
I'm working hard to change their minds

I did the marinade early
then I threw it in a pan to cook
it was smelling yummy

then I started the sauce
oh wow, the smell
I wish I had scratch and sniff for you
the instructions called for
1 cup of whipping cream
or for a bit healthier version
you could use plain yogurt mixed with water
which one do you think I used?
the yogurt mixture of course

the sauce was simmered
then added to the chicken

I served this on brown basmati rice
that had shredded carrots and green onions
added to it
topped it with fresh cilantro
and served with naan
and a salad

and spicy!
I'm so thankful I taste tested
before I gave it to my kidlets
I mixed theirs with sour cream
I also had to mix mine with sour cream
I found it a bit too spicy
it did not taste like the restaurant version
but oh my it was yummy
the kidlets also ate it - bonus
I think if I had used whipped cream
it might have tasted more like I remember
but really it was very very good
I'll make it again

we also carved pumpkins today
the kids enjoyed it
for the most part
I love to roast the seeds
they always taste so good
I just wash them
add seasoning salt
some steak spice
really whatever catches my eye
in my cupboard
the kids really enjoyed them

and I know you all humor me
when it comes to my animals
here is a recent picture of my cats
they are actually all touching
this is amazing
and way to cute

I also want to thank
all of you who sent
me such kind emails
regarding my post yesterday
it truly means a lot to me!


  1. This post made my mouth water. That looks amazing!! I've never tried butter chicken but one day I hope to. :) Cute pumpkins.

  2. I'll send one with your mom for you to try! it's pretty close to what you can get in the restaurant here.