Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fluffy Dinner Rolls

I was going to call this post
Fluffy Buns
it made me giggle
but I thought I should be
Politically Correct
for once anyway

I used the recipe from
Jamie Cooks It Up!
I was going to document it
like I normally do
but I'm tired
and sick
and did I say tired
Jamie has it documented
and written clearly for you
I actually followed her directions
really, I didn't make any changes
I'm so proud of myself
however, mine did not look
as neat and nice as hers
but they tasted

these really are as easy
as they seem from Jamie's post
I'll be sure to make them again
but I normally don't feed
my family white bread
so I might play with it
and add some wheat flour
and a bit less sugar

my kids
they know
that they are funny
they decided
to wear our shoes

they are also
both sick
girly has double streamers

my little man
he's doing well
just a few
bats in his caves
he still made it to preschool

due to being tired
I have yet to make it
to the grocery store
so my menu plan isn't
totally in effect
so I made some spaghetti
to go with the
fluffy buns
it was good


  1. Your close up picture of dinner (like the first one) always make me so hungry!! :)

  2. I like "fluffy buns"!!! :) I'll have to look up that recipe...I have never had any luck making buns. :(