Wednesday, October 27, 2010

AppleSauce in the Slow Cooker

I had planned
to make the applesauce the day before
but it worked out for last night

I received an apple peeler
from a good friend
7 years ago for my wedding
I have been grateful for it
on many occasions
last night was one of them

most mom's have
an apple cutter
if you don't
get one
just be sure to
spend the money
for a good one
or it will break on you
just saying
I might have experience
in that area

I used 12 apples
compared to the 8 called for in the recipe
I used just short of 1/2 a cup of brown sugar
I used a healthy amount of cinnamon
I didn't measure it
I used 1/2 a cup of water

I turned on my slow cooker
for 8 hours
I woke up during the night
and could smell the apples cooking
here are the apples
they shrunk down while cooking

I used a potato masher
and mashed them all up
I served them on oatmeal
with a bit of milk
the kids loved it

I do not have any
applesauce left
it was all eaten today
I always struggle
with what to serve
for lunch
I try so hard to stay healthy
and feed my kids healthy thing
but I often fall down at lunch
today I served them
left over roast beef
on my homemade buns
with apple sauce
and homemade pickles

PLEASE give me your
lunch ideas!!

I think my kids hit the peak
for their colds today
my little man
I found him
in his room
on his bed
still with his
coat and boots on
he doesn't normally nap
not with out a fight
he really wasn't feeling well

she was not a happy camper today
but she still has smiles

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