Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Homemade Dog Shampoo

Yes - it's true
I made Dog Shampoo
I am odd
I understand you think this
and I'm okay with that

I completely love this dog
he is a great fit for our family
and we have really been enjoying him
however - he smells
I hate dog smell
and I really don't want to pay
to have him bathed all the time
we have a tub in our yard
from when we renovated
I plan to set it up to bath the dog
in the warm weather
here we just turned it over so I could use it

so I did research online
for a homemade dog shampoo
in the majority of the ones I found
they called for the same ingredients
1 cup of liquid dish soap
ivory or something gentle
this is the cleaning agent
1 cup of apple cider vinegar
this smells gross
but it is to repel pests and such
1/3 cup glycerin
this I didn't have but ordered it online
you can buy it in most stores
in the pharmacy section
I had swagbucks to use
I ordered it on amazon for free
thank you swagbucks!
so they glycerin is for the skin
it helps to soften it and moisturize it
I did read you can use olive oil
in place of the glycerin
essential oil of your choice
this is to have them smell nice
I had lavender to use
and then I added enough water
to fill my container

shake it up really well
and then convince your dog
that he loves baths
you can see from my first picture
Chance was trying to decide if he should bolt
I had to lift him into the tub

I asked my husband
to take some pictures
Chance is not a fan of baths
but he will stand nice for me
and not whine

however after I gave Chance his first rinse
he bolted
and proceeded to roll
in the fresh cut grass

I made sure to brush Chance
before and after the bath
he did smell better
but I only added about 10 drops
of the lavender
next time I will add more
because he took off on me
I still have enough left
to bath him again

On a different note
I need to say
God is Good
and so were my kids today!
what a blessing
it makes such a difference for the day
it let me rethink
and overall helped me
here are my cuties playing together today

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  1. I'll definitely try it if and when we get another dog. :) (I don't like dog smell either.) Hope Chance works out for you...looks like the kiddos love him already.