Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thanksgiving Away

We are off
tomorrow that is
I'm so excited
and honoured
to have been invited
to our friend's parents
for Thanksgiving
it's about a 3 to 4 hour drive
this will be a first for our kidlets

The people who are hosting us
are Vegan
our friends are Vegetarian
we eat most anything
I'm completely excited
to experience their Thanksgiving
and learn some more ways of cooking

I decided to make them a thank you gift
I have made these in the past for wedding gifts
I'm out of some of the materials
so I'll be finishing them on the drive up
here is the first one of four

I hand a different colored bead
on each one
so you can know which one is yours

I have no clue
if they drink wine
I'll be sure to include
some sparkling cider

So now you know
one of my little hobbies
Enjoy your thanksgiving
I'll be taking a ton of photos
so wait for me to post after Monday!


  1. BEAUTIFUL wine glasses!!!! I would seriously order some from you if I knew they wouldn't get broken during shipping. Have you thought of selling them?
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I'm curious to hear what they'll be serving. Tofu turkey? Anyways, looking forward to reading all about it when you get back!!

  2. I heard they might make cashew loaf...never had that before! I have thought about selling them..but I have really liked to give them as gifts to. Maybe I'll have to see if your mom can take you a set....

  3. Well, I think they're beautiful and it could be something you do from home and make some extra money. :) If you send me some, I'll pay you for them. Just name your price. :)

  4. Those glasses are a beautiful hostess gift! You are so talented!
    Enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend!