Monday, October 25, 2010


I had a nice post all planned
written in my head
some great pictures
and some cute things to say
my wonderful husband
helped me clean up today
and I don't know where he put my camera
so I can't blog about my cute post
I'll have to keep you waiting

in other news
my son now refers
to himself in the 3rd person
it cracks me up
I don't have a clue
where he came up with that

I'll leave you with some links today
I'm new at blogging
and I really have no clue
most of the time
what I'm doing
over at Crystal & Co.
she is sharing some good info
from a conference she attended
check her out
she has a fun blog
I enjoy reading

We are all sick over here
coughs colds
it's that time of year
I make this strange concoction
a homemade cough and cold syrup
I found it over at
The Keeper of the Home
a wonderful site with some
good natural remedies
and other natural resources
I have learned a lot from her
and she lives in
my neck of the woods
oh, ya, my kids
love the cough syrup
and it does seem to help them

and finally
my last link for you
I'm trying this tonight
I hope anyway
to have with our breakfast
I'll take pictures
if I can locate my camera


  1. Tara- thanks for linking me in your site! And you're not new.... you're almost a year old! :)

    I am going to share my notes from each of the talks. Bloggy Boot Camp really was great and I encourage anyone to go if they are coming to a city near you!

    And Tara, your blog rocks and your kids are so freakin' adorable! I always love checking out what you're writing about!

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