Friday, October 29, 2010

Number 1 & Number 2

This has been a focus
for two days in our house
my little man
was 3 in July
I have not pushed
just discussed
it has had some random use
nothing note worthy
then at dinner on Wednesday
there is a declaration
'Mom, I need to pee'
I wasn't going to pass it up
so off we went
and low and behold
he really did

I decided to stop avoiding it
the next day
no diaper
he did well
3 accidents
he has a #2 aversion
that night
his sister
she decided if he could
so could she
no urging
no discussing it with her
she just sat down
and used it

so today
I changed no diapers
both kids did amazing
girly does not have a #2 aversion
this I hope has encouraged her brother
my little man
has declared
he no longer wears diapers
he did not have any accidents today
my girly
had 2 accidents
not really a big deal

my fingers are crossed
for what tomorrow will bring

1 comment:

  1. it really is remarkable, you know? Hoping it stays so successful!