Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tofu Fajitas, Pica de Gallo, Guacamole and Vegan Carob Pie

A vegetarian feast
tonight was so yummy
I made Guacamole
we love Guacamole
5 mashed avocados
2 diced tomatoes
1/2 a diced onion
a bunch of chopped cilantro

I also made Pica de Gallo
the recipe is from
the Pioneer Women
a great site to check out
I did remove the seeds
but left most of the ribs
this was pretty spicy
but good

next came the Tofu
I have never cooked with tofu before
but we have had it before
and all enjoy it
in fact my little man
he loves loves loves it
he was pretty miffed
when he knew it was in the fridge
and he couldn't have any

here is what I did
Firm Tofu
grapeseed oil
taco seasoning

so here is the tofu
I cut the block into strips
then marinated it
in the grapeseed oil
and taco seasoning

remember how I told you
my little man loves tofu
I had to hide it
he kept sneaking pieces

so I cut all the peppers
and the onions
and sauteed them in grapeseed oil
and taco seasoning
look at the color
so yummy..oh ah beautiful

in a different pan
I sauteed the marinated tofu

I threw the peppers and tofu together
to serve it up
fajita style

these were so good
we layed the wraps
with the tofu and peppers
cheese and sour cream
and the pico de gallo
and guacamole
we all really enjoyed them
as did everyone else
seriously, really very good

for dessert
our friends brought
a vegan carob pie
it was yummy and chocolaty
but healthy?
oh yes, it's true
she will be giving me the recipe
fingers crossed

after dinner it was so sweet
our friends read bible stories
to the kidlets
they all loved it

it seems my girly
has figured out how to climb
down from the trampoline on her own now
she's way too smart

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