Thursday, October 21, 2010

About a Boy

He's 3
he's cute
he loves dinosaurs
he leaves snacks out for the dinosaurs
that live under his bed

he goes to preschool
he plays with his sister
he fights with his sister
during the day he is
a regular 3 year old

BUT after dinner
he turns into plunger boy
he fights for dessert
after every meal

we wait for plunger boy
to decide on his next move
to advocate for dessert after dinner

he shares his wealth of experience
showing his young follower
the art of pretend flying

and the art of soaring
all while he shares
the benefits of dessert after dinner

he takes his plunger
looking for the person
who is saying no dessert today
he searches him out

plunger boy avoids
his nemesis' kick
the fight is on
will there be dessert tonight?

Plunger boy looks
to be in trouble
his nemesis has the upper hand

but plunger boy fights back
he is determined to fight
to have dessert after dinner

he surprises his nemesis
with a new move
that is unexpected

but his nemesis
is quick to react
and seems to have the upper hand
over plunger boy

at the end of the fight
there is no dessert
but plunger boy and his nemesis
are again friends

The winner of the Hair Clips was Esther. I'll be sending them out to you shortly Esther!! I hope your girlies will love them.


  1. By the way...I LOVE the hair clips, but since it was only for Canadian and American residents, I couldn't participate. :( When you have a contest for Guatemalans, count me in. :)

  2. Hilarious! Dax cracks me up!! Hope there was no remnant poop on that plunger . . .jes kiddin! ;)
    Yay me for winning . . .super stoked I am - I will post pics of my girls wearing them upon arrival! :)

  3. haha plunger boy IS cute!! :) I can't believe it's been THREE years already...and for me FOUR :( Time flies.

  4. This post made me smile this morning!!