Friday, October 22, 2010

God has poured blessings on me
when my husband came into my life
God knew what he was doing
marriage isn't easy
parenthood isn't easy
but with the right
person to walk with you
to support you
to hold you
and to comfort you
all I can say is
God knew what I needed

My husband is quiet
my husband is caring
my husband completes me
he is amazing with the kids
and he is amazing at
stepping up when asked
and helping out where needed

Thank you Lord
for knowing my needs
and preparing and providing
this amazing man for me
I can't wait to see
what the years hold
I know with my partner by my side
and God with us
all things are possible


  1. Such a nice way to honor Phil! You are blessed indeed!! God has been and is so good! We both scored big time by going to volleyball didn't we? :)

  2. aw, great post. Hope to meet this man of yours some day!