Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Animals around here

It's no secret
I'm an animal lover
well, domestic animals that is

I don't enjoy
mice, rats, frogs
ants, beetles, spiders
or small things
that make unexpected movements

yet, I've had all these
in my house
or in the case of the rat
dead on my doorstep
by a loving kitty

I saw movement
I thought it was a mouse
I called my husband
and I went to grab a shoe
a shoe has proved to be
a good way to kill mice
trust me
I have a lot of experience
but no
it was this little guy

I have no clue
how he got into the house
with sick kids
we haven't been outside much
I may or may not have
screamed, just a little
when I snapped this
next picture

this is the frog
moving unexpectedly
as in I wasn't expecting it
I more enjoy my domestic animals
they are a bit more predictable

my girly
she takes after her mommy
(that's me, FYI)
she loves our animals
it's so cute

I just have no clue
how all these other animals
manage to get in our house!

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  1. Hahaha! Great pictures!

  2. Awww super cute! I have a kitty that looks just like one of yours! We have 4 cats and a dog!

    I am stopping by from Totally Tuesday and following your blog! Would love if you would return the follow to our blog at
    Just Married with Coupons
    Have a great Tuesday!