Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pumpkin and Black Bean Chili

My cousin sent me the recipe
it's from a blog I had not seen
but now that I know about it
there are some very yummy recipes
for me to try

Pumpkin and Black Bean Chili
this recipe had a lot of interesting
ingredients in it
I didn't have the instant coffee
I used brewed coffee
I also forgot to pick up tomato sauce
so I used tomato paste and mixed it with water
I also used a little less hot sauce
I had kidlets to consider

now, let me just say this
and I've said it before
if I'm using a slow cooker
I REFUSE to double cook
I just don't understand
why you would do that
I put the hamburger raw
into my sprayed slow cooker
yes RAW, you read that right
and I didn't cook the onions
I'm a rebel
by cooking the hamburger in
the slow cooker
it's much more tender
and you don't end up
with the large chunks
I prefer it more tender
I just made sure to
break it up
and stir it a few times

I used the butternut squash
I had saved half of it from
the Autumn Mac and Cheese
and I roasted it
to add to the chili

This dish was
I wasn't sure
the ingredient list
was very interesting
I took a bite it was good
I took a bite with the squash
it was fantastic
really you need to try this

I also made the
fluffy buns
however this time
I used half the amount of sugar
as well as
I did half white flour
and half whole wheat flour

my girly
she has now been hit
with the cold
she looks so sad
she had a rough day

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  1. this does look good! I'll tuck it away for when my husband is gone... I don't think I'll get him to eat the black beans ;-)