Thursday, November 25, 2010

Snow in November

Every few years
we get a snowy winter
rather then just
a cold winter
with a few snow days
I think last year
we had maybe 2 days of snow

this year 'they' say
to expect a snowy winter
who 'they' are
I dunno

I'm not a big fan
of snow
my little man enjoys it
my little girl
not so much

they had fun
for about 10 minutes
and just so you know
this was at 9:30 this morning
tonight the amount of snow is double

living on the west coast
tonight 'they' call
for rain all night
so the snow
should be gone


  1. Aw, Raina is just like mommy - doesn't seem to like the snow much, though she looks cute with that little toque on! Glad the kids got to have some fun in it before the rain washes it all away! :)