Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tofu Stir Fry

On the menu today
Tofu Stir fry
there was a slight problem
I had a dentist appointment
early today
it turned into a little more
than was expected
I had a nap
my head REALLY hurt
I woke
not completely thinking
and started dinner

I cut the extra firm tofu
fried it with soy sauce
generally you would like
to cook tofu in a cast iron skillet
I don't have one

now if I had been awake
and pain free
I would have recalled;
my good friend had instructed me
to cook it in oil
then add granulated garlic
and cool it with some soy sauce
I, however
cooked it in the soy sauce
it was a bit salty
but still good

then I sliced
an onion
a red pepper
thin sliced carrots
a can of baby corn
snap peas
and a can of sliced
water chestnuts
for the crunch
I threw them in a pan
with a few teaspoons of
grapeseed oil
and stir fried it up

I added some
instant stir fry noodles
and some stir fry sauce
and served it up
with some Asian salad
both kids really enjoyed it
mostly the tofu
the adults found it
a bit too salty
but that was my fault
for not cooking the tofu correct

so my kids
are still running around
with out pants
and it seems they now refuse
to wear clothes
I do have some super cute
pictures of them dressed up

You can find many more recipes
listed at
Blessed with Grace
where she hosts
Tempt my Tummy Tuesday


  1. Looks delicious! I'd love for you to stop by What's Cooking Wednesday each week to share a recipe! Hope to see you there :)


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    New follower from the blog hops. Looks like you have a really awesome blog here and I will enjoy reading your posts.

    Please come visit/follow me too whenever you get a chance. Thank you.

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