Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Chicken Meatball Soup

The night before
I made the chicken meatballs
I cut up 1/2 an onion
added 1/2 cup bread crumbs
1 tsp of cumin
3 tsp of worcestershire
salt and pepper

I added an egg
and the ground chicken

mixed it all up
and made the meatballs
and put them in
the fridge for the night

in the morning
I added some squash
a cut onion
some carrots
some celery
some chopped spinach
and some Orzo (pasta)
along with a carton of chicken stock
and enough water to cover everything
along with the meatballs
into the slow cooker

I let this cook
for most of the day
I was out at dinner time
my family had this for dinner
when I came home
I had......

this soup was
the problem
I need to remember
to not add the pasta
UNTIL closer to the end
the orzo totally disintegrated
and made it all slimy
it's not often I won't
eat what I cooked
my husband
bless him
he ate it
and took it to work
he said the meatballs
were amazing
so there is my failure of a dinner
fingers crossed tomorrow is better