Saturday, December 18, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

Let me just say
I'm not against
Christmas Trees
I just realize
that I'm the one
who will have to
clean it up
and put it all away
I have a hard enough time
cleaning my house
why would I purposely
make more work for myself?

In the past
we put a tree up
if we had a Christmas event
at our house
the past two years
we did not decorate for Christmas
one year I was pregnant
and as a result
hospitalized in the days
leading up to Christmas
and last year
I was in the midst
of post partum depression
the fact that I bought
presents was enough for me

This year
I was hoping
for one more year
with out the work
of a tree
but my kids
are catching on
so the tree is up
but the traditional decorations are not
I've let the kids have fun
and play with decorating the tree

I have enjoyed seeing
how much they are enjoying
decorating the tree with various things
the biggest decoration
as been elastic bands
and a few toys

we also have gone
and driven around
to enjoy Christmas lights
girly doesn't get it
but my little man
loves it
and will say from the back
wow, those are beautiful
it's so sweet

last night we were able
to go thru the live
nativity drive thru
that a local church puts on each year
the little man loved it
and it was pretty neat
for him to see the Christmas story
displayed that way
he really liked the angels

seeing the kids excitement
over various Christmas things
encourages me for next year
to possibly get more involved
in decorating things for them

1 comment:

  1. I love having my tree up...I hate putting it away though. Fitting all those ornaments back in their boxes properly is more work than I signed up for.