Thursday, December 16, 2010


Today we had an incident
so dinner needed to
be easy and fast
Cheater Stuffed Baked Potatoes
Always an easy dish
and always so good
no matter the vegetables
that you add in

dinner times at our house
have not been a happy event
she is on a hunger strike
only at dinner time

she also feels the need
to get up out of her chair
as a result of not eating
and not sitting
she has been standing
in the corner
for the majority of dinner time
today however
it didn't seem to
bother her

my little man
had a run in
with our tonka cat
he closed the door
on tonka's tail
and mayhem ensued
the little man
has some scratches
but a big owie on his finger

the cat cut thru
his finger nail
into the flesh under it
and ripped across it
it is very sore
he's very sad
and it's still seeping blood
he's on bandaid number #2


  1. Poor little guy!!! He looks so cute in the last picture....showing off his hurt finger. And little girly is adorable as usual...I love the pics of her too. I still haven't tried making those potatoes but I MUST!! They look delicious!!

  2. We have a baked potato bar about once a month at our house that is similar to this recipe. It's a tasty and economical meal.