Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cold Season has arrived at our House

It's here
I noticed girly
coughing just a little
then it showed it's ugly face
the terrible coughing
nose running

I give advil
but I try very had
to work with
natural remedies
here are all my concoctions

So the bowl
is cut onion
I put that in
girly's room
while she sleeps
Immune booster: The pungency increases blood circulation and causes sweating. Useful in cold weather to ward off infection, reduce fever and sweat out colds and flu.

Tea Tree Oil
it's so good
for so many
different things
for colds
I put 10 drops
in the humidifier
If you have not
used Tea Tree
or never heard of it
you really must research it
here are a few links
Home Remedies
Organic Facts
Alternative Medicine

I use Eucalyptus Oil
mixed with a carrier oil
I used Almond Oil
when using Eucalyptus Oil
it's recommended that you
do not use it full strength
but rather mix it with a carrier oil
I used Almond Oil
you can also use Jojoba Oil
Alternative Medicine
Organic Facts
Simple Organic

Ginger Tea with Honey
it has a bite
but it truly does help
to sooth a sore throat
it's just hard to get
the kidlets to agree
I generally ad just
a little to their
watered down juice
To make the Ginger Tea
I smash up a bunch of Ginger root
and boil it in water for about 20 minutes
then we drink it with plenty of honey
Organic Facts
Home Remedies

I also make
a homemade cough syrup
for my kidlets
I'll post that
in a separate blog post
so keep your eyes open for it

I am by no means
an expert in any
natural remedies
nor can I say
100% if they always work
your doctor will tell you
they don't work, most likely
I don't agree
but I feel it's good to try
and I know for my kids
some of them are working
I highly recommend
Tea Tree Oil for
so many uses including colds
and I have had great
success with the
Eucalyptus Oil
But you need to research
and find what works
in your house

Happy reading and searching
for your natural cures!


  1. Hope some of this stuff works and everyone gets to feeling better.

  2. Hope the little ones are feeling much better really soon!! Where do you get your tea tree, sweet almond & eucalyptus oils?


  3. Happy belated anniversary to you as well! I had no idea!
    Thanks for the home remedies! Tis the season that we need to be armed with a few tricks up our sleeves!

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    I hope you'll be able to visit my blog and follow if you can :) I'd love that!


  6. Ohhh I sure hope she feels better soon!