Thursday, January 6, 2011

Did You Know - Defrosting the Freezer

raise your hands
if you despise
defrosting your freezer

Let me tell you
you will be singing
my praises after this post

My mom,
she's so very smart
and willing
to defrost my
very large chest freezer
she's amazing
and so is the
fact that she can
defrost and clean
my large chest freezer
in 45 minutes or less
it's true!

here is everything
out of the freezer
I'm grateful
that we didn't
have very must waste this year

here is my chest freezer
you can see it's an oldie
I think my mom told me
that they bought it
just after I was born
and now I have inherited it

and if you are wondering
that is indeed
a vacuum hose coming out
of the chest freezer
that's the secret
for painless freezer defrosting
you need a vacuum
not a built in
but a canister type one
we use our shop vac

you place the vacuum
right into the empty freezer
this will work for an upright freezer too
let the hose hang out
turn it on
close the lid/door
check it every 10 minutes or so
and you will be able
to just pull the ice off
with very little melting

the freezer was defrosted
and cleaned in less
than 20 minutes
the rest was just organizing

thankfully my freezer
was not very bad this year
last year, it had been some time
and it was worse
but still took very little time
be sure to have a bucket for the ice
or a sink nearby
we use the laundry tub
once the ice is all taken out
it gets a good wipe down
and restocked

now, my freezer is organized
and I know what I have
it's such a great feeling
sad but true
to have a defrosted freezer

my mom tells me
you can defrost your
fridge freezer
just as easy
by using a hair dryer
on the cold setting
I don't have a fridge freezer
so you will have
to let me know if it works

this will be one
of those household tips
you will want to remember

is it wrong
that this makes me happy?


  1. No, it is not wrong that this makes you happy! This makes ME happy, just looking at your freezer!! I really need to do mine - its been a LONG time. Unfourtunately, we only have a built in vacuum cleaner. maybe I could just use 2 hair dyers . . .

  2. Hilda, you can borrow the shop vac! no worries, it will onnly take you 1/2 an hour!