Thursday, January 13, 2011

Monday Night Quesadillas

I needed to use up
the left over
Indian Spiced Yogurt BBQ Chicken
I was low on groceries
so I looked at what I had
and decided to make
we really like quesadillas
and they are so easy
chop up the chicken
chop up the veggies you want
I used onions
green onions
heat them up in a skillet
with some oil

explain to the little man
when he would stay warm
if he just would keep his clothes on
in this case, his PJ's
as he insisted it was a PJ day

while the filling mix
is heating up
heat up your shells

when the one side is heated
flip it and add the cheese
and your filling mixture

once the filling is in
fold and keep cooking
then flip to cook
the other side

I kept is simple
and we had this
with homemade apple sauce
the kids really liked
the apple sauce
the time for the apple sauce
I didn't add anything
to the slow cooker
just apples
and a bit of water


  1. Do you make your own Quesadilla shells? or buy them? just curious cause if you have a good recipe for making them I would love to get it!!

  2. so far I guy them from costco here. but I do want to try making some....I might do it soon, so keep your eyes open!

  3. We love quesadillas to, and they're easy to throw together for a quick meal if you have pre-cooked chicken. We have them at least once a month.