Thursday, February 10, 2011

Baked Eggs and Ham

Once a week
I try to offer
a bit more than
toast, cereal or oatmeal
to my family

Every once in awhile
we have some fantastic
baked eggs
here is this weeks version

Baked Eggs and Ham

3 whole eggs
3 egg whites
diced veggies of your choice
today I used
green onions
grape tomatoes
cheddar cheese
slices of ham

Dice up the veggies
nice and small

line your muffin tins
with the ham

mix up the eggs
add the veggies
pour into the ham cups

bake these at 350
for around 25 minutes
make sure the centre is set
pull them out
run a knife around them
and serve it up

my family very much
enjoys these baked eggs
and they are easy to
change up with
whatever you have on hand

in other news
I caught girly
trying to put her shoes
on the dog
I missed the best part
but here she is asking
why it's not a good idea


  1. perfect! I've been on the look-out for egg breakfast ideas. We just made PW's Make-Ahead Melts and loved them, will be making them again for sure. One half batch of the melts will easily go over two days here, so I can do something like this on the other days. thanks AGAIN for another great idea. Anita - what do you have to say about this post? :)

  2. ahh, Rachel, you had me laughing out loud! Poor Anita ;) I'll have to look at those melts. So great seeing you again today.

  3. Okay, I finally remebered to look for and find this blog entry. I love seing all your great food ideas. And your welcome for the laugh:)