Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mental Illness Day

Today Bell Canada
has deemed
Mental Illness Day
I have a Mental Illness
I was diagnosed with
Severe Post Partum Depression
July 2009
It's been a long journey
one I'm still on
I expected to be
recovered in 6 months tops
that is not the case
I'm happy to report
my depression
is now managed
with the help of drugs
Here are some interesting facts
A poll conducted for the Canadian Medical Association found that only 50% of Canadians will tell a friend that a family member has a mental illness while 72% would disclose a cancer diagnosis. In the same poll, almost half of Canadians (46%) said they think the term “mental illness” is used as an excuse for bad behaviour
It's a difficult thing
to say I have a mental Illness
do you look at me as weak?
do you look at me as less then the average person?
has your opinion of me changed?
Our society puts these notions in our heads
to think less of people with mental illness
to think people can't be trusted
this stigma is wrong
and it's hard to fight against it
Not only do people with depression
have to fight to be healthy
but we have to fight a social stigma
I would dare to say
that there are people
near you
in your social circle
that struggle with depression
show compassion
don't judge
My rambling might not
mean anything to you
but I hope it will
start discussion
and remove the


  1. I do not see you as weak. You're strong and capable and are an incredible wife and Mom. Your determination to do well in those roles, despite your diagnosis is a profound challenge to me.
    I don't think any less of you. And I totally trust you to watch my kids when the opportunity arises!
    My opinion of you hasn't changed. I admire you greatly for your courage to be an advocate for yourself and others experiencing the same kind of thing.

  2. I see you as a stong woman who is fighting for her family. The fact that you recognize what you are dealing with is huge. Most people suffer in silence. Good for you for taking care of yourself!

  3. I admire you for having the courage to share what you are going through and how you deal with it. It's great that you are aware of your situation and do your part in trying to get better and stronger. It's obvious that you love your husband, kids, and God. There is no reason for anyone to think less of you.