Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cheater Beef Dips

I love Beef Dips

my husband loves beef dips

but they really are not super healthy

I'm not saying that these ones are

but for a fast meal

you can add some great vegetables

to increase the goodness just a bit

I started with a bit of grapeseed oil

half an onion sliced

a few large mushrooms

diced half a yellow pepper

half a red pepper

and sauteed these until tender I used a packaged Au Jus

normally I would do a beef dip

on a week where I cook an actual roast

when I don't I use deli roast beef

and a nice crusty baguette I made the Au Jus

added the roast to the vegetables

just to heat it thru

I layered it onto the cut baguette

and served it with the Au Jus I found these bland

my husband and kids loved them

I would add more vegetables and spices

to jazz them up next time

however this is an easy meal for a day you need that for something off topic

is an organization we worked with when we rescued our dog last summer they are fantastic to work with

and want to match you and your family

with a dog that will fit into your family

this month they are highlighting Bullies

this mostly covers pit bulls

but also any bull dog

bull mastiff or in our case

american bulldog cross

their facebook page has great information

regarding these breeds

if you are thinking of adding a dog to your family

I encourage you to search out a similar Society

in your area

if you live locally, Canada or the USA

you won't be sorry

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  1. We love Beef Dips to. I never thought of using deli roast beef to make it. I'll have to remember that one.