Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Small Project

We upgraded to a king size bed

a few months ago

but we didn't have a frame

for it so it's been on the floor

I am not a big fan

of my bed on the floor

so I've been searching web sites

for bed frames and headboards

everything was pretty pricey

just the frame usually was around $150

at the same time

I was watching craigslist

I had a very specific idea

of they type of headboard

I was looking for

I wanted an antique style metal headboard

what I bought was a brass headboard

that came with the frame

I spent $100

I saw potential

I bought two spray cans of paint

I used some steel wool

just to scuff the brass up

this project took me

maybe 1/2 an hour

the paint was fast drying

here is my family attaching the headboard to the frame from me

We were given the box springs

from my brother and sister in law

who didn't need them

we purchased the mattress

from an older couple

who had it as a spare

that they didn't use

we had a nice comforter

but it ripped a few times

so I purchased a duvet cover

that costco had on the cheap

to cover the comforter

good luck for me

it matched my paint color

I'm very happy to be off the floor

and I completely LOVE how it turned out


  1. Love it! Great headboard and good for you on the DIY!

  2. Looks awesome Tara!! Way to go!

  3. It turned out great! Good job Tara.