Friday, August 12, 2011


I can still remember
roller skating around the block
down Eagle then right on Lynn
and around back to Westberry
I loved it
My mom is a saver
and my kids found my skates

my little man calls them Rollerblades
I'm trying to explain the difference
but really,
it doesn't matter

their daddy helped them
the skates are way to big

but still, they had fun

and my little man
even needed to show his Grandpa
that he knew how to 'Rollerblade'


  1. Roller skating... Boy does that bring back memories. I cant believe your mom saved them!

  2. So retro! We had roller skates just like that! My dad bought the parts and drilled them into the bottom of our running shoes! Good times! Your kids will have loads of fun flying around on them!