Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My GPS is against me

I wanted to take my kids to the beach and the forecast was for another hot day.  The kids love the sand and I wanted to show them all the baby crabs and other fun things to explore.  So we planned a day for the family.  I posted on facebook that we wanted to go to Crescent Beach but we didn't know how to get there.  People suggested directions and alternate areas to check out.  The night before we talked about it and decided maybe we shouldn't go.  We have so much to do around our house and we could just go the local lake that has a nice sandy beach and it's 5 minutes away instead of 45 minutes away.
In the end we decided to go.
It was not easy to get there.  
We decided to check out a place call 1000 steps first, we were told there were not a 1000 steps.  So I thought maybe it was something to do with the rock face as to why it was called 1000 steps.  
I was wrong.  
There were steps, LOTS of steps.  
We started down and passed a few people coming up, with red faces and short of breath.  We turned around and went back up the 20 steps we had gone down.  We both knew that the kids would go down no problem, but coming back up, that would be a problem.  
I forgot to mention the fact that it was stinkin cold still at 11 am.
We buckled back up and headed to Cresent Beach.  But we got lost.  We saw beautiful property and houses.  I finally got out my GPS and put in Cresent Beach.  It came up with the Cresent Beach Bistro, close enough.  However, the GPS navigated us thru all the small little back streets of White Rock to get us to Cresent Beach.  We saw more beautiful property.  
Finally we get there.  
It's still cold. 
My kids are freaked out of the crabs and running away.  
Everyone is complaining they are cold. 
We walked farther out onto the beach but we were just to cold and hungry. 
At this point we were all cranky.
We got back into our truck and headed to a beach a at the other end of the road.  It was much warmer there, less wind.  We sat on the beach, had lunch and the kids had fun.  
It was finally time to enjoy the beach.
The kids had so much fun. 
I just love this picture of my little man.
My girly, she just loves to dig in the sand.  She would be happy all day if we just let her dig away.

I just love it when my kidlets play nice together.  Sometimes it doesn't seem to happen to often.  
It makes my heart smile when they do.

After a rough start we enjoyed some time in the sand.  But it wasn't going to last long.  My little man was playing in a large hole that someone else dug.  He jumped in and landed on his knees, directly on a large pointy piece of drift wood.  He was in a fair amount of pain.  
So we packed up, my little man in tears and headed out.
We decided to not use the GPS to navigate for us.  I used the map on the GPS and found a direct route back rather then all the back roads our GPS seemed to think we wanted to explore.  
The drive home, my little man cried almost the entire way.  He stopped crying 10 minutes from our house, when he fell asleep.
It was a tough start, a great middle and tough ending.
My kids did have fun and at dinner time when we asked what their favorite part of the day was they both had great things to say about the beach time.
My partner in crime and I survived........this time at least.

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  1. oh man, what a day! Glad you're still smiling in the end and made some good memories.